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NDC joins forces with Quest Ventures to bolster startup ecosystem of Philippines

This post was originally published on this site The National Development Company (NDC), a Philippine government-owned enterprise investing in diverse industries, has partnered with Singapore-based VC firm Quest Ventures to drive startup innovation and investments in the archipelago. The collaboration aims to leverage their combined expertise and resources and strengthen linkages between the government and […]

Decoding digital preferences: A glimpse into the future of health tech ecosystem in SEA

This post was originally published on this site Since joining Docquity a year and a half ago, my journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit to support healthcare professionals across Southeast Asia with digital solutions built around: Education Community Productivity and growth tools Employment opportunities The healthcare sector is a realm of immense potential. […]

Exploring the ‘Phygital’ world where digital and physical realms converge

This post was originally published on this site We live in a world where the lines between the physical and digital realms are blending. The Altair Technology Conference in July 2023 gathered engineers, product designers, and tech experts to explore the ‘Phygital’ world. This term combines ‘digital’ and ‘physical’, signifying how these two aspects now […]