Year: 2023

Visionaries clash over idealism while tech industry embraces Web3’s game-changing potential

This post was originally published on this site (This article was first published on February 07, 2022 ) With decentralisation quickly becoming the catchword, Web3 is drawing significant attention worldwide. However, the concept is also drawing some criticism from several quarters, including visionary founders like Jack Dorsey, who feel Web3 is too ‘idealistic’ and that […]

Thriving under pressure: Navigating tech teams through stress

This post was originally published on this site In the whirlwind of the tech startup ecosystem, teams constantly race against time, grappling with tight deadlines and fierce competition. This high-pressure environment, while fueling urgency and focus, can paradoxically dampen the very innovation it seeks to accelerate. The question is, how do startups navigate this challenging […]

AI in influencer marketing: Transforming trends and shaping the future

This post was originally published on this site In the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing, a remarkable transformation is taking place. Talent agencies, once the gatekeepers of human influencers are now turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape their business models. The synergy between AI and influencer marketing is unlocking unprecedented possibilities, and the data […]