Year: 2023

From chatbots to therapists: How AI break ground in bridging the mental health care divide

This post was originally published on this site In the relentless thrum of our globalised world, the issues of mental health quietly weave an intricate, often invisible web. They stretch out across continents, from the skyscraper-shadowed streets of New York to the sun-drenched villages of rural country. Mental health challenges are profoundly universal. In fact, […]

Tencent is testing an AI model as AI buzz intensifies

This post was originally published on this siteTencent is internally testing an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, joining in a race with other Chinese internet conglomerates like Alibaba, Baidu to develop a local version of ChatGPT. Tencent has recently announced the successful integration of its foundational AI model called “Hunyuan” into various products and services. This AI […]